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Are You A Hungry Advertiser Looking For More Sales?
Are You A Power Marketer Looking To Save Time & Effort?

Then You Can Jump For Joy! Because You're At The 'Right Place' For Quick & Easy Affordable Super Solo Ad Placement!

From Eva Browne-Paterson

As the owner of Ezines-R-Us, a service group that has been providing advertisers with marketing solutions for more than 15 years, I know just how popular solo ads are... And it's no surprise, because I understand how capturing a prospect's attention is vital to ensuring a successful advertising campaign. It's generally worthwhile to use solo advertising strategies for higher gain, because you're sending your offer to a warm audience who trusts the publisher or admin of the website. I also know from statistics that sending a second campaign a few days later can increase the chance of greater revenue even further...

It was with these marketing principles in mind that I decided to offer our customers a way to conveniently place a solo ad that goes out to more than one program in a short period of time -- that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

I also realise that our customers understand the undeniable power of email marketing, and watch as many login and send their super solo ads on a daily basis. I've considered the time and effort that goes into this continual marketing cycle, and decided to do something positive about it that will save roughly 5 hours a month in precious time and energy.

Now you can enjoy an advertising experience that allows you to buy affordable super solo ads that will be sent to 7 safelists and text ad exchanges with fully verified, responsive members. All 7 programs are made up of program owners, affiliates, home business opportunity seekers, and internet marketers who regularly purchase online products and services: - Established in 2006 - Established in 2008 - Established in 2008 - Established in 2009 - Established in 2009 - Established in 2009 - Established in 2010  

Right now, when you order a super solo ad through our service, it will reach a total of 19652 verified members.

But the best part about is... you'll never need to dig deep into your pocket for a super solo ad again, & you will get visitors to your site for ~5 days or more guaranteed!
In fact, once you create a free account, you'll have the opportunity to purchase super solo ads through our special offers for as little as 97c each! These offers change regularly to provide variety for every budget.

But not only that...If you upgrade to VIP membership, we'll give you 30 super solo ads each month, allow you to save the ads you want sent in the order you want them sent, and we'll check to approve them against our criteria then send them out automatically for you -- once every day -- without even needing to login to your account!

That's a considerable saving of at least 5 hours a month! is not a safelist or ad exchange. It is a super solo ad submission service for serious marketers who want results.

Here are the benefits you'll receive when you signup today:

 You can submit your super solo ad in HTML format. [Benefit: More Compatibility & Instant IMPACT!]

 You will not receive any other member's solo ads, only upates from admin. [Benefit: Save effort]

 You don't have to be a member of any of the safelists that your ads are published in. [Benefit: Flexibility]

 You won't even need to confirm your membership, so signup is quick and easy. And there are no ezines to subscribe to. [Benefit: Save time]

 There's no limit to the length of your solo ad... But we recommend that you keep your ad short and to the point so the reader stays interested in your offer. [Benefit: Flexibility]

 No formatting requirements, although it's a good idea not go over 65 characters per line, so it can be read easily in the prospect's email, and not get chopped up... [Benefit: Save time]

 The ad submission page includes a field for the URL, which will be automatically cloaked, so there's no need to cloak your link in advance or use a link tracker. [Benefit: Save time]

 The ad submission page includes a link to, a utility that formats your ad copy automatically so you can paste it into the ad submission form and send out a neat and tidy solo ad. [Benefit: Save effort]

 Once your ad is sent, it is saved for easy retrieval and reposting in the future. You can also edit and delete the saved super solos. [Benefit: Considerable time and effort savings]

 Once your ad is submitted and approved, it will be queued to send (usually within 24 hours depending on the queue). [Benefit: Save time]

 You will be able to view the click-thru statistics for each super solo ad that you send out through our system, next to the subject line for the ad. [Benefit: Save effort]

 You will gain immediate access to special offers allowing you to pay much less than you'd normally expect to pay for super solo ads. [Benefit: Save money]

Can you see how the flexibility of SAVES you time, effort & money? PLUS All Customers Receive $235 In Solo Bonuses!

If you're eager to promote your opportunity to our safelist members, then click
the button below to create your account and get started NOW!

You will then be redirected to a web page to purchase your super solo ads.
If you're interested in the VIP upgrade for automated super solo sending, please
visit the Upgrade Account page in the member's back office.

IMPORTANT! This is NOT an MLM, Matrix, Pyramid, Ponzi scheme or Get-Rich-Quick program. You are not required to have a website, sell any products or refer anyone to our site to use this service, nor will you get rich by using this service. It is primarily an internet advertising site that doesn't allow promotion of the aforementioned program types or account deletion will occur.

I look forward to providing you with a quality service to promote your business across the internet!

Here's to your success!

Eva Browne-Paterson
Ezines-R-Us Group

PS. Check out the bulk specials inside... You can pay as little as 97c per super solo!

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